Appraisal For Fairyland Lustre China

There are a few things we need in order to accurately appraise your fairyland lustre china. In order for us to quickly help you, please include the following information in your email to us.

1)  We have to know the dimensions of your fairyland lustre piece.  If you have a vase, then tell us the height.  If you have a bowl or plate, then tell us the diameter.  Please send measurements in inches.

2)  You need to disclose any condition issues the piece might have.  If something is damaged or repaired, that will significantly affect the appraisal.

3)  We of course need pictures in order to do an accurate appraisal of your fairyland lustre china.  Please send images of the base with its marks.  Also include other general shots from different angles.  If you have a bowl, then please send us images of the inside of the bowl as well as the outside.

Any information we share related to your appraisal is completely free.  Our appraisals are based on our experience, the current market, and previous reported sales.  We also purchase all fairyland lustre products.

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